viernes, 27 de febrero de 2009

Based on the reading of Diane Larsen - Freeman

In your own words please answer the following:

1. Grammar-Translation Method; are you in favor or against and why?

2. When would you suggest implementing the Grammar Translation Method?

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  1. Difficult question Miss. Tania!! I believe that this method has worked for some students in some language in some country but don’t get me wrong I really don’t care much for it because it excludes oral production and that is totally what I don’t want in my students, the main purpose for this ancient method is to translate, for example (the mouse= die Maus), the teaching is entirely done in the mother tongue, I know that grammar has to be taught one way or another but definitely not with this method, I will never implement such a method in my class, I will teach grammar but not this way.

  2. I beleive every method has its pros and cons, I can surely see the pros in this method, it is excellent if (and obly if) your goal (or your students') goal is to learn how to read and write in a second language, which, in my opinion can not be considered as having learned a language.

  3. I have used this method or some of its basis as I was teaching first level students, I saw that giving them the vocabulary and translating it, created a bit more of confidence and they were willing to take risks at the time of oral production,which I know it is not part of this method. Therefore, in my own perspective, we as teachers must use every method availabe, which we see suit our students best.

  4. I am in favor, for students of first level it can works, becuase students need this method to get knowledge in the target language, it is not neccesary to use thois method for the whole class, but it can be use to form part of the class.
    I used in my stuents of fisrt level, and i can notice it works, not for reading, speaking or another ways, it works to form verb tenses, or something like that.